Artist, designer, and fan of running long distances. Always questioning and learning. Writing about anything of interest.
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After having completed 100+ races and 20K+ miles run over the span of 2 decades, here are some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way. These lessons have helped me stay healthy while running high mileage, avoid injury, race competitively, and build upon my fitness throughout the years.

Add Variety

Running is a very repetitive action so adding variety to training has been a game-changer for me. This can be done by running on different surfaces or by running in different heel-to-toe drop shoes.

This change in surfaces and shoes helps to activate different muscle groups to make you…

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A personal account of racing and winning the North Face’s Endurance Challenge Marathon at Mt. Watchusett, Massachusetts on June 8th, 2019.

The Start

The gun goes off and I quickly mingle in with the front runners to position myself before the narrow singletracks ahead. Right from start, the climbing began as we started our way up the mountain and into the woods. Trying to avoid my burst of adrenaline getting the best of me, I tried my best to keep to a conservative pace. The mountainous ascent continued as we passed the sign that read, “Mile 2”, my legs were beginning to…

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